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Friday, June 1, 2012

Pacquiao's Ex-Promoter Senses Doubt In Him; Thinks Arum Wants Bradley To Win

Pacquiao vs Bradley           "Manny asks for a great deal of money and Arum would prefer that Bradley beats him, because if Bradley beats him, he doesn't have to pay Bradley that type of money, and that's what he is used to," stated Murad Muhammad. According to Muhammad, when it comes to Arum, it's all about the money, and in the case of Pacquiao, his guarantees may have exceeded the Hall of Fame promoter's salary cap.

"Hell yeah, because he knows how big Bradley will be if he wins, but he will pay one-third to Bradley of what he is paying Manny, and Bradley will be happy to have it. It's all about the money," Muhammad continued in a recent interview when asked point blank if he thought Arum was hoping to get Pacquiao beat by Bradley...

"Bradley is scaring Pacquiao, because no one trains like Pacquiao, until I saw Bradley. The way that kid trains is equal, if not better than Pacquiao. Pacquiao trains like he is going to fight for twenty rounds, but...

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